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Program contact directory information displayed in the IDCI application is updated from the data sent in an ISEE Directory Program Contacts submission to the State Reporting Manager (SRM). The contact information being updated directly from this data results in greater accuracy and consistency of directory data across all of SDE.

The ISEE Directory Program Contacts submission can be done at any time. The information in IDCI will be updated the next business day after submission. Note: the data in the ISEE Directory Program Contacts submission will replace ALL Program contact directory information for the district.

District and school addresses can be updated by emailing Support@sde.idaho.gov.

To access IDCI, you must request assignment of the IDCI User role from your district Admin Tool user. Once you have access, please go to the Help file, by selecting Help from the IDCI main menu bar. The Help file will provide detailed information on the functionality of the IDCI application.

For optimal performance and functionality if you are using Internet Explorer, you must run in Compatibility Mode.
Please refer to the Help file for detailed information.