Renewal Request
Teacher Certifications can be renewed online *only if* there are no changes to personal information or endorsements. Any renewals requiring changes (name, address, or additional certifications) must be done using the application found under "Mail-in Forms" below. Renewal certifications cost $75. For online requests, a $3.25 convenience fee will be added to the transaction. Renewal applicants will receive two (2) copies of the credential.

The online renewal process is intended for renewing credentials that expire this year. If you are not sure when your credential expires, please call (208) 332-6881. If you apply for renewal and your credential expires after this year, your renewal application will be processed. However, the renewed credential will be valid for five (5) years, starting with September 1st of this year.

If you are renewing an Occupational Specialist credential please do NOT use this process. Please contact Becky Davis at

Duplicate Request
A certificate holder of a valid certificate may request a duplicate certificate online. Two (2) copies of the certificate will be printed and mailed for the $10.00. For online requests, a $1.30 convenience fee will be added to the transaction.

Both online requests will require the certificate holder to provide their name, contact information and the last four digits of their social security number. A valid credit card is also required to pay the renewal/duplicate request fees.

Mail-in Forms
If your teacher certification needs to have information updated or you would like to mail in your request, forms can be found here: Teacher Certification Information and Forms

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