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Welcome to the Idaho Reading Indicator (IRI) Web Application.

Please DO NOT use this web application for IRI or IRI ALT data input. All student scores are now uploaded with the ISEE upload, closest to the last day of testing.

This application is used to easily find data and make reports and charts. The administration of the IRI assessment is mandated by Idaho law for public school students in kindergarten through third grade. State, district, and individual student reports may be generated from this application. Public Reports can be found on the IRI Public Reports/Report Card, which is required by state statute.

Please review the IRI website for IRI testing dates, uploading scores and additional information.

If you have questions about the IRI program, please contact Heidi Arrate at harrate@sde.idaho.gov.

For technical assistance, please contact support@sde.idaho.gov.

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