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MSIS - Migrant Student Information System

Welcome to Idaho’s Migrant Student Information System.

The Migrant Student Information System, or MSIS, is a database system that maintains and transfers educational and health information for migrant students in Idaho. The MSIS provides the State MEP and migrant funded school districts monthly and yearly reports, as well as essential data for the federal Consolidated State Performance Report. The MSIS assists Idaho’s MEP funded districts by providing continuity in educational and health reporting and record keeping. Utilization of the online capabilities of MSIS provides immediate access to migrant student academic and health information.

Migrant student records in MSIS are uploaded weekly to the Migrant Student Information Exchange, or MSIX. MSIX and all the components of the MSIX site are designed to facilitate the exchange of migrant student records for the purposes of school enrollment, placement, and accrual of credit in school.


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